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10 Secrets to effortless weight loss + 7 No-fuss breakfast recipes

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I have a passion for nutrition and active living, and I’m on a mission to share my knowledge with other women like you.

I will help you get off the diet roller coaster for good and discover foods and a wellness routine that fuels your mind, body and spirit. 

Together we’ll work to reach your health goals in areas such as achieving optimal weight, reducing food cravings, increasing sleep, and maximizing energy by making food and lifestyle choices that work best for YOU.

As a coach I put the power back in your hands.

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How did I make the changes to get healthy and fit ? Read more about my story and my healthy guidance for your own journey.

Featured Recipes

My Hearty Healthy Spinach Loaf

Eating healthy really doesn’t need to be hard or complicated. Especially if you have recipes for a few healthy staples. I love variety – I really do, but I also have a few favorites that I prepare on a weekly basis. This Healthy Hearty Spinach loaf is... read more

Smoothie Central – Mango and Baby Spinach

I have very fond memories of my mother churning mangoes and milk into milkshakes for my sister and I when we were kids. In India, these bundles of sweetness are often referred to as the ‘King of Fruits’ and our summer meals are loaded with a variety of... read more

Recent Posts

5 Steps To Effortless Weight loss

DIETS & DEPRIVATION DON’T WORK   Diets fail to understand human physiology. Your body is hardwired to seek nourishment. Restriction leads to rebound eating and slowed metabolism over time. Dieting is never the answer to health, weight or body image concerns. It... read more

5 Ways To Lower Cholesterol Naturally

Cholesterol is a controversial topic these days; there are multiple opposing theories about whether our cholesterol count has a direct impact on our heart health. For many years, LDL or bad cholesterol has been believed to be the leading cause of heart disease. More... read more

The Foods To Eat (& Avoid) For Clear, Youthful-Looking Skin

We’ve all heard the expression “You are what you eat”, and your skin is no exception. Your skin is your largest organ. It is your protective covering and the first line of defense to fight illness and disease. Your skin is also a “breathable” organ. Up to 60% of what... read more

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