Daring greatly means the courage to be vulnerable.
It means to show up and be seen.
To ask for what you need.
To talk about how you’re feeling. 
To have the hard conversations.
— brene brown

As a life coach, a lot of my work involves helping others integrate positivity into their lives, manifesting and creating. And I am not referring to disingenuous positivity. My work revolves around helping people reframe their perceptions of pain and suffering and the purpose behind these very powerful emotions.

From a young age we are taught to avoid pain and seek out pleasurable experiences, that’s how our brain is wired. A lot of us go to the end of the world to "not feel" negative emotions.

Avoidance. I’ll just leave it there.

Working through our struggles and our pain is not always pretty but for us to be able to transform pain and suffering into valuable life lessons we need to commit to holding space for the messy stuff - the fears, the loss, the heartbreak and the grief.

We have all experienced the impact of unprocessed emotions in our lives - addictions, failed relationships, intimacy issues, weight gain and isolation, are all often by-products of shame and our inability to process ‘negative’ emotions.

What I have learnt and hope to get across is that we can choose to live on the positive end of the spectrum of life, without denying our pain. We can choose to see the good in a situation but also feel loss, grief and heart-wrenching sorrow.

Instead we judge vulnerability and call it weakness. We connect with people on the surface because we're uncomfortable with the messy stuff. We aren't taught how to deal with pain and hold space for grief and sorrow. We're conditioned to numb and fix it.

Here's the lesson -

By judging our pain, we deny ourselves the chance to truly heal. When we learn how to truly integrate pain into our amazing lives and use it as a vehicle for growth and ascension. we begin our journeys to heal.


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