Relationships are our greatest teachers - for when we truly seek awareness, they can lead us right to where we need to go.
— Kritika

Our relationships will magnify what's going on with us and trigger our deepest fears and insecurities. For there is nothing that makes us more vulnerable than loving another heart.

When we are emotionally triggered and our deepest fears and insecurities surface we are faced with a few choices.

We can choose to lash out on who or what we perceive as the cause of our pain and in turn take no responsibility for our unprocessed emotions. This is the stuff that goes on in our heads sometimes though. We get into a situation, get triggered, then blame others for our triggers. This is a lot like fight or flight - conflict or withdrawal. This is where breakdown of communication happens and we are left more wounded than healed. Often on repeat.

We can chose to crawl under a blanket and hide from these painful emotions. God knows, I have, countless times over the years. This looks a lot like numbing, this is where we'd rather avoid than confront. But, it shows up - as disease or as unprocessed anger and rage.


Or, we can chose to go deep within where we usually find layers of buried emotions. This is where our work lies. Rather than turning to conflict or running away, we can chose to look at the source of the emotion or the fear.

We ask ourselves…

What is the first memory of this emotion?

What past hurt is this really triggering for me?

Is this an emotion that comes up for me often?

If yes, what is the belief I hold about myself that triggers it?

When we allow ourselves to feel into the source of our fears and insecurities, rather than avoiding or projecting them onto others we allow ourselves to release. We allow ourselves to move through them, to the other side where we can see things with more consciousness. We can call on our higher selves to show us the loving perceptions and truth of the situation.

How we choose to show up in these moments will determine if we learn the lessons and break free of old patterns rooted in fear. This is where we experience radical shifts and allow ourselves to heal. Healing is why we're here.


When we identify our emotional triggers, we have a clearer perspective of what we want in our life. We're not coming from a place of hope and desperation, but from a place of conviction and certainty. This is where we return to our connection to love.

Our fears and insecurities can truly be a window to our souls deepest desire, which is to heal. Allowing ourselves to go there, beneath our triggers is painful and confronting, it means actually taking responsibility for our stuff.

But, it’s where true freedom lies - In learning to be grateful for painful emotions because we come one step closer to healing them. We begin to magnetize to us our desires and experience relationships and a life that is fulfilling, happy, loving and inspiring.


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