‘When you know what you want and your soul is on board, own it’.

Over the last few months. Maybe all of this year, my life has been a massive purge. Consciously and unconsciously, I am slowly letting go of all that doesn’t serve my growth and being anymore.

People, friendships, work, jobs, thoughts. Everything is energetically connected. The more of the stuff we don’t want in our lives hangs around, the less space we have for everything we do actually desire.

I crave space. Clean space. To fill with people, love, work and thoughts that align with my soul. That light my being. Nothing less will do. I’ve worked too hard for this space, a lot of pain has brought me here.

This is a radical process - learning to let go. In real time. It’s dynamic. As life is happening, to untether the energetic bonds with everything that doesn’t really belong.

Choosing alignment above all else. So much freedom has ensued.

Trust and faith keep me grounded in times of uncertainty. The truth is that we often hold on from a place of fear - but letting go is steeped in faith.

I remind myself,

Faith is not a roaring ➵ everything will be ok. Faith is the tiny whisper that says ➵ I’ll be ok, even when everything is not ok.

Make space for what your heart desires. It knows, it always does ♡



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