The dark side of growth - learning to let go.

2018 has been a massive year for me. I will always remember it as the year my whole life unraveled - a year of big life transitions and deep transformation. The kind that shift your reality. It's also been a year of massive purging. Conscious and unconscious. Plain old letting go really.

Work. A beloved job. That wasn’t fulfilling anymore.

Love. A karmic relationship that had run its course.

Money. Choosing to stay on course, and loosening my grip on what 'financial security' meant to me.

Behavior. Old patterns and beliefs, you know the ones that keep us 'stuck' (This is lifelong work, btw).


Making space wasn’t just about emptying the container, it was about emptying it so I could fill it what my heart truly desired. It wasn’t just about letting go, it was about reframing my perceptions of self worth, busyness and productivity.

If it wasn’t helping me grow. If it was keeping me small - I committed to releasing it.

How we do it matters.  

We have a choice when we are in the midst of growth and evolution. We can choose to let go with love and compassion, or we can fight hard to hold on and bury our heads in the sand and pretend we don’t know better (The antithesis to conscious transitions).

Making space isn't just a metaphor here, its actively choosing alignment above all else.

Everything is energetically connected - the more of what doesn’t serve us any longer occupies space, the less space we have for everything that truly serves our being.  

I hope you choose space. Why?

Because settling is not an option. You are worthy of your desires, you know what you want and you are ready to claim it.

I know this is a radical suggestion, but roll with me for a minute.

I promise its liberating - to untether the energetic bonds with everything that doesn’t really belong. Consciously choosing alignment and freedom. 

What do you need to be in allowance of to experience radical shifts?

Where do you feel constricted and tight? 

What's keeping you small? In love, work and life.

What is begging to be let go?

Start there. 

Trust your heart. It knows, it always does ♡

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Kritika Datt