I can feel it creeping up on me. Slowly knocking on my heart and tugging at my soul.

I am feeling more and more connected to the inner landscapes of my being. I am more attuned to my inner voices and less resistant to my truth. I am feeling the pull and the simmering excitement and I am already conjuring up visions of what I wish to create.

Resonance is my metric and one of my greatest values. If it feels right - I am called to explore it. We owe it to ourselves, to our souls, to explore the gentle tugs. When we don’t, we deny ourselves the chance to truly show up, to truly create what we came here to be and to do.

Being before doing. Always.

2018 was a year of BIG shifts for me. One of those years, you know - the ones you look back on and remember with fondness and compassion. One of those years, you wouldn’t have made it through without compassion. For yourself and your journey.

It was a year that tested me in ways I didn’t think I was ready to endure. But here I am. On the other side, and still in the arena.

Still committed to resonance. Still letting it be my guide. I’ve truly forgotten other ways of being. All the usual metrics, the ones that were never mine to begin with.

Alignment is my guide, the only metric for my decisions and the compass for my soul. It’s what dictates my path. The path my soul knows is the right one for me. I am learning that the opposite of right is not wrong (because maybe nothing ever really is!).

The opposite of right is dissonance and misalignment.

The start of 2019 has been phenomenal. It’s been light and creative and full of joy and I am really looking forward to exploring these deeply fulfilling states even more.

I am ready to sink in deeper and live more fully than I have ever before. To create from a space of resonance, to serve from a place of fullness and to delve deeper into my joy and my purpose.

I am ready to create a container that can hold all of me. Because I am truly ready to show up.

I cannot wait to share more about this unfolding, it’s happening right as I type these words.

For now, please take a moment and feel into your heart. If my words resonate - ask yourself where can you let resonance be your guide? Where is your soul feeling uneasy? What changes can you be in allowance of, so you can show up as more of you.

Thank you for reading, if my words resonated with you, leave me a comment below.

I'd love you to share this post with your people, thank you. always.

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Kritika Datt