What do you see when you close your eyes - My therapist asked - 4 years ago.

Bali, I answered - I’d never been.

I now realize that this vision wasn’t actually a place, it was a state of being - free, fueled by passion and purpose, deeply connected, immensely grateful and green. This is how I wanted to feel. Bali was just a metaphor.



My life wasn’t always this way - Less than 3 years ago it looked very different. 

Married, corporate job, Dubai life. I closed big real estate deals, practiced yoga, partied on the weekend with 'friends'. Throw in a fancy Mercedes and a few Louis Vuitton bags and i'm sure you get the picture. I had all the 'stuff' I thought I needed, all the ingredients of a happy life. But, I was deeply unfulfilled and in a lot of pain. Not physical pain, but the kind of pain that is caused by living in misalignment from our truth. I craved purpose and deep soul connections, I wanted a life that was a reflection of who I had become.

I didn’t always know this truth, just like many others, I had no idea what I really wanted. I knew what I didn’t want. That was a good start. The start of my journey. From here there was no turning back.

When you know, you know. You can ignore it but you can't un-know it.

When you ignore it, you inevitably find yourself in deep pain. Pain that manifests into bad eating habits, addictions, busyness, lack of energy and motivation, low sex-drive and all the rest. Everything we're constantly trying to treat and change. All the 'bad' habits we punish ourselves for. We blame our lack of self-control for all these behaviors, never really looking at why we do what we do. It’s called numbing.

My pain was slowly crippling everything I cared for. I witnessed myself becoming a version of myself I didn’t recognize, a version so far from who I was really meant to be.

My life was good in so many ways - It just wasn’t aligned with my truth. I had out-grown a lot of it. I yearned to rise up, explore my edges and break free from my own self-limiting beliefs.

Which is a "lot" of the work we do here.

I see this a lot - the pain of living a misaligned life. Everyday. So many of us are conditioned to create lives that we believe we want  - But so much of life is about forging new paths, its about living our truth. Allowing that truth to change and shift. Its about deep love and connections and freedom. Freedom to chose what our heart desires and allowing ourselves to grow and then grow again.


What do you see when you close your eyes?

Are you ready for some soul work? Ready to be brave and take risks - work through your self-limiting beliefs and trust in your greatness? Ready to face the lows with as much gratitude as all the highs?

There will be lows along the way - they’re as golden as the highs. Sometimes even more.

If you can close your eyes and dream it, then it already exists. In another dimension, it is available to us. We have the power to create it and then dream some more.

The stories are everywhere, always uplifting, always inspiring. Everyday, people just like us go out into the real world and make their dreams come true. 

How do you want to feel? What fuels your soul, your spirit? What do you dream of?

We have the power to create our lives - inside out. A fulfilling and deeply connected life.

This is not a call for a better life, we’re pretty good already – This is a call for creating one that’s most true to our being.


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